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9/11 Memorial at Hackett Catholic Prep

Hackett alumni who made careers as first responders gathered together today back at Hackett Catholic High School to share their stories and hold a memorial and prayer for 9/11’s 22nd anniversary on September 11th.

Today, September 11th, instead of the typical morning prayer over the speakers, Hackett students and staff met outside the school around the flag for prayer together. Around the flag were also first responders, who are Hackett alumni, that had come to pray with the school.

An inspirational memorial and prayer was held outside. Starting with prayers for 9/11 and for the school, which followed with the pledge and a moment of silence for those lives lost, and ended with Taps played live.

After this speech, groups of students met in the library to hear the first responders tell their stories from this day. Tyler Brand, a Junior at Hackett Catholic Prep, was among the group of students who attended this meeting and listened to the first responders stories. Tyler said he felt “shocked at how surprised the policeman was when he heard the news of 9/11”. Tyler says one of the first responders telling his story recalls watching the news and it “feeling like a movie”, which is what shocked Tyler most.

The morning prayer was an appreciable event to honor all those lives who were affected and thank all who helped save lives on 9/11. The meeting after inspired those in attendance and was passed along around the school to inspire all.


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