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A Clean House: Irish Basketball is Back

The defending District Champs are back for another explosive season with a refreshed coaching team and a hunger for winning. The new staff is looking forward to developing a novice team.

“I think since we have such a young core group of boys that are playing this year, what a coach looks forward to the most is seeing those players develop their skill sets. Each of them understands that as they improve their individual skills, the team improves too”, said Coach Doug Gordon.

Along with focusing on new offensive and defensive systems, the coaches are encouraging students to come out to the games with halftime games and shirts for the student section.

“I think Coach Basler is instilling a very great, disciplined Christian Culture, I think it will build a foundation of success for years to come. I am very excited to play, also Coach Gordon, I have played for him for a few years, he is very knowledgeable about the game and is instilling some defensive and offensive concepts which I am really excited to see play out”, said Andrew Rann.

Senior Christian Willis is returning to the team after his absence in the last season, saying “Coach Basler is head coach now; that puts a lot of confidence in me about the future of the team. I am looking forward to a productive winter again.”

Long time player Andrew Rann has high hopes for the season, saying “We have some very good players and we will get better throughout the season, as long as we get better every day one day at a time, who knows what could happen.”

Jude Coffman, a returning Junior, has high expectations for the team, saying “I can’t wait to see what this group of guys can do, I think we have a lot of potential.”


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