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A Day for Life

The day dubbed the “respect life symposium” was a big success on Monday, January 22nd. For an entire day, the Hackett student population was not in their normal classes but rather was going from classroom to classroom, hearing speakers from various organizations.

The speakers gave presentations, around 45 minutes, that explained their organization did and how it supported life. The day was made fun and festive for students in many ways. In between speakers students could grab candy from the halls.

Some of the festive and fun things had an impact though. This included the life size model fetuses that were given away. Senior KJ Walters said the fetuses, “shocked her how humanlike the fetuses are.”

Not all the organizations directly affected the fight against abortion though. Regarding the Gospel Ministries, an organization that gives boundless resources to the homeless, Senior Charles Gordon said, “I thought it was a very cool speech, I like what they were doing…they knew what they were talking about and were passionate about doing it.”

The day had a profound effect on the students at Hackett. In a poll 89% of students said that the respect life symposium gave them greater pro-life sentiments. With the apparent success this year, this could become a yearly tradition at Hackett.


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