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A Look at Calvin University - Become a Knight

Calvin University is an excellent example of a school that has similar values as Hackett but is only a short distance away from a fresh start. With many students enrolling to major in business, nursing, engineering, or education, Calvin University can surely become a home to you.

Calvin University has a flourishing, faith-inclusive community. Although represented by students practicing the Christian religion, the school welcomes students from all religious backgrounds. Students are involved in Chapel and worship services, and Bible studies.

Faith is alive all around campus, with 45 student leaders planning Bible studies and worship in the dorms. While earning his Bachelor’s degree, Mr. Potter lived, “in the dorms for two years” and lived in upperclassmen apartments for, “another year and a half.”

The campus is only a 10-minute drive from downtown Grand Rapids. According to Mr. Potter, the short distance makes Calvin special, “you’re not downtown, but it’s really easy to get downtown.”

Students are always active on campus, but you’ll find most of them at sporting events. Calvin University is home to a NCAA Division III athletics program and 22 varsity sports. “There’s a really prominent student section at sporting events, " Mr. Potter mentions.

Other than the 72 student organizations, Calvin University’s 3,800 students are majoring in one of the hundred-plus programs available.

Due to the smaller class sizes, it’s easier to know your professors. “That was really helpful for learning especially when it was a harder class,” Mr. Potter claims.

100% of Calvin students receive financial aid. Their tuition cost of $38,370 can be an easy payment for students who have at least a 3.80 GPA, as they have an opportunity to receive at least $21,000 per year while attending.

Calvin University offers incredible programs and activities for every student to participate in. Students can take advantage of the school’s study abroad program, as Mr. Potter did. “I got the chance to do a couple of

short trips, for example, I got to go to Scotland to study geology for a month, and there are other groups who do full semesters abroad.”

Calvin offers so many opportunities to pursue if they interest you. Visit the campus on November 10th for their academic open house, and to see their spirited community in person.


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