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A New Approach to Prayer: Encounter Time

This year at Hackett has introduced Encounter Time to replace Irish Time once a week for all students. Encounter time promises to be a time where students can learn to strengthen their prayer life and develop an intimate relationship with God.

“The goal of encounter time is to provide students with the opportunity to deepen one's personal prayer life and prepare the student for a deeper experience of the mass”, said Ms. Gergeley, Hackett’s Moral Theology teacher.

For the first semester of this year, students will take part in the Faith in Action series, wherein others in the HCP community can share with us some important life lessons that they have learned along the way. Last week, Smiley Verduzco spoke to Hackett students about his life story and about his continued reliance on faith through both thick and thin. According to Andrew Rann, a student who attended, “I learned a lot from that, it really inspired me”.

Next semester, the St. John Paul the Second Scholars Program will consist of eight elective courses, ranging from catholic entrepreneurship to worship to authentic feminism. These short courses will focus on small group discussion and end in a student-led service project.

The Hackett administration is excited about this new program and us students are excited to see what it brings!


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