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A Pot of Gold for the Children's Hospital

Hackett showed its Irish cheer this weekend at the Bronson Children's Hospital Run & Walk. The event took place on Sunday morning, with a five kilometer loop for participants to complete. Being a run and walk event, the race was inclusive to everyone. Some people finished in minutes, while others walked at their own leisurely pace.

Hackett students were called upon last week by Mrs. Germinder to show up to the race and cheer on the participants. The Irish showed up in force, with constant cheering for the entirety of the event. Having gone myself, it was great to see smiles light up participants faces as they heard the whoops coming from the Hackett group. From first place to last, everybody appreciated the encouragement.

The Hackett leprechaun made a surprise appearance at the event as well, resurfacing after years of absence. The mascot is an eight-foot tall leprechaun. The leprechaun himself told me that, "he loves bringing joy to the greater Kalamazoo area." And bring joy hecertainly did, the child participants absolutely loved the high fives given by the Hackett mascot. Not just children either, many adults loved the leprechaun.

Besides Hackett's cheers and encouragement, the Run & Walk was an incredible success. The charity event raised over $220k. Participant of the event and Hackett student Thea Husovska told me that, "It was very fulfilling to see so many families and people come out to support the local children's hospital, and do it with a smile on their face." As you can see it was a positive experience in and out.

Hackett has once more shown its commitment to helping the community, and having while doing. Keep up with Mrs. Germinder's weekly emails to learn about future service opportunities.


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