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A Recent Hackett Controversy: The Hackett Dance Dress Code

A recent Hackett Controversy: the Hackett dance dress code, has caused an uproar of frustration among Hackett students. With prom right around the corner, the dress code is on students’ minds while purchasing their dresses to avoid being turned away at the door. 

When the winter formal dress code was introduced, it caused controversy as many students, specifically women, were frustrated by the list of dress restrictions. This is because the list of restrictions towards women was much longer and harsher than the list of restrictions towards men. It was also introduced just days before the dance, leaving no time to purchase a new dress.

Initially, the Hackett dance dress code rejected both strapless and backless dresses, however, when the uproar of frustration reached Principal Scoles, he listened and sent out an email that the new dress code is allowing backless and strapless dresses at prom, if not too revealing. Mr. Scoles also listed the prom dress code over a month in advance, so students could be prepared. 

The prom dress code for women is as follows: 

  • No bare midriff, cutouts, or transparent/opaque material in the midsection; necklines must cover cleavage at all times

  • Undergarments must be covered at all times

  • Dress lengths must clearly extend beyond the fingertips, and if a dress has a slit, the slit must not be above the student’s fingertips while standing up straight

The men's dress code is as follows: 

  • Underwear must be covered at all times

  • Shirts may not expose bare chest, and must remain on for the entire dance

Despite Principal Scoles listening to our suggestions, his follow-up email about the winter formal and the new prom dress code still brought anger and frustration among many female students. His email was targeted towards only the woman and their “immodest dresses” (being too short with too much cleavage), with not a single word about the gentleman and their unbuttoned shirts, or too tight suits and pants (revealing their stomachs and anatomy).

As a Catholic school, modesty is understandably important. The list of dress code violations is set in place in order to keep our school a professional, and pure environment, as it should be. However, the targeting of only women's immodesty while completely ignoring the men is where the students' frustration begins. 

Although it is unfortunate and unfair that only the women's dresses were addressed or even noticed, following the prom dress code is the best way for us women to prevent more emails being sent about our immodesty, or from being turned away at the door.

Along with following the dress code for prom to be let into the dance, all students MUST bring their student ID’s. 

Prom is a great opportunity for the upperclassmen to get together and celebrate one last time before the seniors graduate, but in order to do so you must pass the dress code, and have your student ID. We hope to see you all there.


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