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Acing the New Season

From beginning the season with no varsity coach to winning a game on August 29, against Battle Creek Academy, the volleyball team has progressed drastically compared to last year. A varsity coach was not named until the second day of tryouts, Coach Burhans, and she had to undertake the task of both the JV and Varsity Volleyball teams. In an interview with Alyse Baughman, a senior and captain of the volleyball team, she stated, “We got a late start on the search for a coach, and we are very thankful to have someone step into the head coach position. As of right now, it is a collective effort to keep everyone disciplined by the seniors and coach.” This “collective effort” has appeared to pay off as the volleyball team beat Battle Creek Academy 3-0, with a total of 16 kills and 12 aces.

Things are looking up for the Volleyball team this year, there is a total of 24 girls playing, 12 on both Varsity and JV, which is an immense improvement from last year when there were 14 girls total. “We have a really good group here and I think we could definitely compete with everyone around us. Obviously, we have our struggles with the little things, some kinks to work out, but every team does,” Alyse Baughman commented when asked about her thoughts on the season so far.

Despite the difficulties with finding a coach, there is a bright future for the Volleyball team and program. Come out and support the Volleyball team with their upcoming game on September 14, against Parchment at Hackett’s gymnasium.


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