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Already Reigonals?

The Hackett-Vicksburg ski team participated in regionals this Monday the 12th, Six Boys and Six Girls participated in regionals. Out of the thirteen teams that competed, the girls got Fifth overall in giant slalom and 7th in Slalom and the boys got 8th in giant slalom and 10th in slalom. 

Ella Rohrstaff placed 14th, qualifying her for states in giant slalom. Only the top 15 skiers for each event can go.

The weather this season has been very poor. The team has had few opportunities to practice and only one race. To put up racing gates there needs to be a deep enough base, and that rarely has happened this year. Most of the practices have been drills without gates.

There is a chance, if the weather cooperates, that the canceled conference races will be rescheduled. There are supposed to be two more races next week. 

Regional Times: 

Thomas Christiansen- 42.02 GS Overall - 19th

Bryce Johnson- 44.12 GS Overall - 34th

Jack Prom- 44.79 GS Overall - tied 38th

Sean Seims- 44.79 GS Overall - tied 38th

Ella Rohrstaff- 42.62 GS Overall - 14th

Abby Ulbrich- 43.39 GS Overall - 17th

Lauren Wild- 44.81 GS Overall - 24th 

Thomas Christiansen- 65.79 SL Overall - 23rd

Bryce Johnson- 1:03.56 Sl Overall - 38th

Jack Prom- 1:05.65 SL Overall - 44th

Abby Ulbrich- 58.09 SL Overall - 19th

Ella Rohrstaff- 58.97 SL Overall - 20th

Lauren Wild- 1:03.31 SL Overall - 31st


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