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Announcing The Forum!

The Clover team is excited to unveil our all-new Forum!

On the forum, you can post and chat with fellow Hackett students about everything from sports to academics, to chatting with your cohort.

The platform can be your go-to source for everything happening within our community. Whether you're a sports enthusiast, academic achiever, or a social butterfly, there's something for everyone.

“The forum is a great place to express my school spirit!” Said Christian Willis, a Hackett senior and frequent forum user.

To join the conversation, sign up using your school email ( or school Gmail account. Our team at The Clover will quickly approve it, granting you the ability to post and reply to other threads. 

The Clover Forum is being actively moderated, and every post is associated with the student's school email. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to connect, share, and celebrate our community. The Clover Forum awaits hearing what you have to say!

Check out The Forum here


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