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Back to School in January: Harrison Wheeler

Harrison Wheeler is many things: a junior, a superb bowler, a high-flying pole vaulter, and a solid football player. He exemplifies the many qualities of what it means to be a talented student and athlete.

However, disaster struck over the summer. Harrison was involved in a severe car crash, and while he thankfully survived, he began a long road to recovery with many surgeries and draining physical therapy sessions. He endured a whopping 3 surgeries within 4 days for injuries to his stomach, back, and ankle.  

Despite these setbacks, Harrison continued to thrive and remain positive. At many United Football home games, he could be seen on the sidelines, showing off his progress.  

It took a whole semester and 4 grueling months of physical therapy and counting, but now Harrison is back in the hallways of Hackett, a testament to his persistence and patience. Upon interviewing him about what it was like to come back to school so late he said, “Everyone welcomed me back and made me feel right at home, like I never left.” 

So if you ever see Harrison in the hallways, be sure to welcome him back to Hackett. His story is one of inspiration and mental grit, and he truly is an exceptional part of the Hackett community.  


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