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Backstage at Hackett

The glitz and glamor of theater conjure images of actors pouring their hearts out, shining lights highlighting their contorted features, along with booming solos sung sweetly. What one doesn't think of is how those solos are so booming, and who runs the lights to make such a display. 

Introducing crew, the backbone of any production. Crew is responsible for every part of a performance except the acting, including lights, sound, costume, props, and stage running. 

The sound crew designs all of the sound effects for the show and makes sure that they play on the correct cue. They are also in charge of all microphones, including putting them on actors before the show, swapping them during mic switches, and muting them when needed. 

Sound chief Michael Dugas shared his thoughts on crew saying "Crew is pretty cool because even if you don't like to act you can still be a part of the play and musical which are really fun things to do." 

The light crew creates the atmosphere of a show. They combine hue, brightness, and positioning to tailor scenes to specific moods. Light crew will also assign someone to run the spotlight if need be.

The costume department is also very important to making sure the show looks right. They use Hackett's extensive costume closet to design outfits that are both era-appropriate and functional for the actor to move in. 

The costume department also helps out actors during often very quick costume changes, ensuring that actors are ready for their next scene.

The prop department designs all of the props that actors use during the show. Any object that goes on stage was designed by the prop crew, and strictly handled by only their members. 

The last department of crew is the run crew, who are in charge of moving props and set pieces on and off the stage at critical scene changes. They make use of tape in the days leading up to get the hang of set positioning.

Crew is vital to any show, but often receive minimal praise due to their behind-the-scenes nature. Without a solid crew supporting them, the cast would have a much harder time putting on a show. 

If any of this interests you, it isn't too late to join the crew for Hackett's spring production of Shrek. Talk to Mr. Rafferty if you decide to join.


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