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Boys Varsity Soccer: Takes Home Gold - District Champs

Last night, Irish Boys Varsity Soccer took home the gold, winning in the District Final 2-1 against rival, Kalamazoo Christian.

A big focus this year for the Boys Soccer team has been their mentality. Head coach, Colton Johnson, has told the boys during half-time, “The mentality has to be about the joy of the hunt, not just the enjoyment of the result.”. The lions may not be the fastest, smartest, or largest, but they are the king of the jungle.

“What are we going to be today boys?”


Assistant Coach Rolfe Behrje said at the end of the game, “It was our mentality that led us to victory today.”. The Irish came out strong, not backing down even when adversity struck. Regardless of the terrible weather, the physicality of the opposing team, and the referees, the Boys continued to fight and win.

Senior Jack Prom scored Hackett’s second goal, and exclaimed at the end of the match, “This is something I will be able to hold over my brother’s head forever!”. As his older brother, Charlie Prom, lost his senior year district final against Kalamazoo Christian.

Make the drive to Lansing Christian to watch the next Boys Varsity regional match against Hillsdale on October 24 at 5:00 pm. Hackett played Hillsdale in their first game of the season and lost 2-4, this is guaranteed to be an intense and exciting match! It would be amazing to get Hackett fans to come and support their Varsity Soccer team.


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