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Coding with Catholics

Hackett Catholic Prep has not offered computer-related classes for the past few years.

Hackett last offered computer classes in the 2021-2022 school year when AP Computer Science was offered as an elective. This class was taught by the current Accounting 101 teacher Ms. Hayes.

In this class, students were able to learn basic coding principles and received an introduction to computer programming. Former AP Computer Science student Gavin Sehy said, “It is a fun class that could be beneficial for students because we learn everything we need to know to get started in computer science and programming.”

Hackett is currently behind the curve as other schools offer computer classes. Kalamazoo Christian offers Computer Applications & Programming. Surrounding public schools also offer an array of computer classes as Loy Norrix offers Computer Applications, Computer Science/Software Engineering, Computer Technology I and II, Computerized Manufacturing, and AP Computer Science. Portage Northern offers Computer Science and Computer Science Principles classes. 

Many Hackett students believe that Hackett should offer computer classes. In a poll sampling random students around the school, over 40% of the sampled people said that they would be interested in computer science classes if Hackett offered them. 

Learning about computers could give students practical skills that will be useful no matter what they end up doing with their lives. Senior Sean Pierucci said, “Computer classes would bring experience in a subject that is useful in the real world.”

Computer classes would be a great addition to Hackett as computer literacy is critical to the world today.


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