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College of the Week- Hope College

Anchor your heart in Holland, Michigan to experience four-years that will strengthen your academics and faith. Whether you know them for their educational capability, or beautiful scenery, Hope College is one of the most highly praised liberal arts schools in the midwest.

Besides offering over 90 majors, minors and pre-professional programs, Hope College’s cozy community has a 11:1 student to faculty ratio, making sure students get the attention they need. Most students choose to major in business, psycology, education, and engineering. Impressively, Hope's exceptional research program has been awarded more grants from the National Science Foundation for undergraduate research than any other liberal arts college in the country.

Hope College is committed to more than just academics; the Christian faith is expressed throughout classes, chapel services, Bible studies, and even sports. Student-led religious studies are a popular way to connect with God and other students. Hope College’s 22 varsity sports teams provide an opportunity for players to experience God through their Athletic Ministry program. While most of the students belong to the Christian faith, Hope is inclusive to all religions. The college’s staff, faculty, and administration are devoted to educating their pupils about faith and preparing them for encounters with Christ through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Aside from many athletes who have received athletic scholarships, Hope is able to provide $5,000 to $24,000 in scholarship funds each year, per student if need is demonstrated. Tuition rate is around $39,990 for incoming students in the 2023-2024 school year.

Hope College is only miles away from Lake Michigan, and blocks from downtown shops and restaurants. Living on campus is required the first three years in college-owned housing. This creates a safe environment for students to socialize and transition into living on their own. Hope College is an aspirational, civil college, and for over 3,200 students, a home.


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