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Come for Social Studying at NHS Tutoring

All students at some point find themselves needing help, or just time to study and do homework. National Honor Society tutoring provides an open place to knock out work with friends. Many people assume tutoring is only for struggling students, but the truth is, it’s for everyone. Maybe there’s a B that you want to bump to an A, or you just need another set of eyes on a project. Michael Dugas, director of tutoring, says “Tutoring is good even if you’re just looking for a study partner… I would literally just get on the quizlet he had and ask him questions and he would answer. You learn a lot better if you do studying like that with two people.”

From the perspective of the tutored, Juan Rodriguez says it’s a “good thing to do after school,” especially if you don’t have anything else during that time. Science teacher Mrs. Johnston saw students who went to tutoring improved their grades quickly. On top of all that, getting work done during tutoring hours means less time spent working on homework, thereby freeing up the evening.

Tutoring is in the library for approximately an hour after school, while Mr. Deschamp is present. The library is also open during B lunch, and getting a chaperone for A lunch is in the works. For people in sports after school, other options can be discussed. Anyone interested should contact in order to set up a tutorship, or if there are additional questions. We hope to see you there!


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