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Comeback Season

Andrew Rann came into this basketball season not knowing how much he would be able to play. He had nagging injuries that kept him on the sidelines most of his junior year. A hamstring injury sidelined him for almost the entire basketball season, and a shoulder injury kept him out for half of his junior baseball season. He went through months of physical therapy over the summer and fall to prepare for his senior year of athletics.

As one of only two seniors this year on the team, he was hoping to step into a bigger role if his body allowed. After starting the season with limited minutes, he moved back into the starting rotation for this week’s games. While his scoring wasn’t off the charts this time, he stepped up in other ways. This included stellar defense and strong rebounding against a bigger Kalamazoo Christian team that helped the Irish get their fourth straight win against the rival Comets. 

Andrew has credited God with his quoted “miracle healing”. When asked about his comeback from injury, Andrew said he “praises God for every moment he gets to do what he loves because he knows at any moment it can be taken away.”


With two solid games against Galesburg-Augusta last Tuesday and Kalamazoo Christian last Friday, Rann hit the ground running into his comeback season. He hopes to lead the Irish to another district championship and more this season.


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