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Continuing Excellence: Hackett Girls' Golf

As former regional champs and consistent state qualifiers, this year's girls golf team is ready to fight through the rest of the season. One member broke 80 and shot 79. Great achievements are happening and the team is on track to live up to expectations.

Interviewing a member of the girls golf team has provided a personal insight into this topic. She stated “Being a part of the team is a fun challenge that should not be seen as boring. Golf is not a huge spector sport, but it is very interesting and entertaining.” For those who do not find golf interesting, supporting the team in other ways, such as wishing them good luck, can go a long way.

When asked about the golf fanbase at Hackett, the interviewee states that most outsiders see golf as boring. It is difficult for the team to get recognition when most people are only interested in the more popular sports such as football and soccer. Involvement in these other sports is not bad, but it should not take away much recognition from other sports. The hard work and long hours the team has put into their accomplishments are dulled.

Despite a smaller fan base, the Hackett girl’s golf team is on their way to end the season with great success. Continuing to support this team will be effective in growing interest in the golf team. The next match is a jamboree on Friday, September 1st hosted by Dowagic. Spectators are welcome!


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