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Don't Knock it Till you Try it: Hackett's Fourth Band

The Cerulean Fish, a garage band made by Hackett students, performed at the Clover Room with local musicians Chloe Webster and Zero Sun last Sunday, April 14.

The Sounds of the Zoo presented an "Emerging Artist Showcase" which had the two local bands and a solo act perform their own respective sets. The event started with Chloe Webster from 1 pm-1:30 pm, then the Cerulean Fish performed from 1:45 pm-2:15 pm and Zero Sun ended the showcase from 2:30 pm-3 pm.

The Cerulean Fish consists mostly of Hackett students: lead vocalist Keegan Gallagher, bassist Julian Barry, guitarist Blake Lennon, drummer Alex Dugas, and pianist Michael Dugas. Keegan Gallagher and his friend from Comstock, Blake, started the band last year and convinced three members of the Hackett Jazz band to join. The group meets for 2 hours every weekend, running through songs, transposing, and teaching themselves new music.

The Cerulean Fish has many of its members involved in other music groups. All of the band members were or are still a part of their respective school bands. Furthermore, Michael Dugas, picked up the piano to fill out the band's acoustic profile. 

At the show, the band performed songs from Radiohead, Stone Temple Pilots, The Cure, and more. The performance even had a song where the bassist and guitarist switched instruments to show off their skills with the other instrument. 

Senior, Greg Brown, went to the showcase and shared some words on the Cerulean Fish’s performance. 

“The Cerulean Fish have greatly developed their sound and showmanship, improving with each performance. The music was really good which pleased the audience, giving them a good time… And I can’t wait what they will do next!”

The band will be taking a break from showing for a little while as they record original songs at a local studio "La Luna". Keep an eye on these ambitious young musicians, and look out for their record to be released in the late summer of 2024!

If you are interested in checking out the band, their Instagram is linked below!


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