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Don't Wait or You'll be Late: The New Hackett Tardy Policy

Tardies are becoming increasingly common at Hackett, and they are trying to crack down on the problem. Mr. Scoles has implemented a new tardy policy to incentivize students to get to class on time. Previously, every three tardies a student received resulted in an after-school detention, and every three tardies, they were issued another detention, but on February 12, 2024, the students’ tardy records were wiped clean. 

Now after five tardies, a student will receive an after-school detention, but every set of five tardies after that will result in a Saturday detention. This means that students will have to show up to Hackett at 8 a.m. on Saturday in full uniform. They will be given tasks to do around the school for the duration of their punishment. Also, the lower foyer doors will be closed and locked at 7:44 AM instead of 7:45 AM.

 Other schools have tardy policies as well, but some are much less strict than others. For example, Portage Central’s policy is that after five tardies, students will receive a detention. This is similar to Hackett’s policy, but no Saturday detention will be issued. 

When asked the reasoning for the new policy, Mr. Scoles said it was to create a culture of “academic excellence”. He told me “Our families sacrifice too much to settle for mediocrity and you can't learn if you're not in class”. Scoles explained that the number of students in the hallway has been objectively lower over the last month because of the new rules. 

While the staff feels the tardy policy is having a positive impact on Hackett, the students feel differently. Senior Christian Willis has described the new tardy policy as “overly strict”. “It creates unnecessary stress in the mornings, especially for students who live farther away,” Willis said. 

This policy has been received both positively and negatively by both students and staff. Despite the negative opinion, the results have shown that the amount of tardies is significantly less and everyone is slowly beginning to adapt to the new rules.


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