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Drives on Drives on Drives

As the theater department begins rehearsing for their December 2 open, they are holding a can drive to raise money to support the program. The can drive will be hosted this weekend on Saturday, from nine to noon, and cans are to be dropped off in the lower Hackett parking lot.

Mr. Rafferty stated, "the can drive helps offset some of the costs we have. It helps pay for concessions and all the little incidentals we need for theater." Furthermore, the can drive will help students to interact with the community more, forming ties and experiencing volunteer service.

If you have cans to donate but are busy during the can drive, you can call in and Hackett will send people to your house to come pick up cans. And when asked about it, Mr. Rafferty said, "Bottles are more than welcome."

That's not the only charity drive coming up, Hackett's own Earth club has a clothing drive scheduled for early December. I asked Lexi Wild, an earth club leader, she said"[Earth Club] is collecting old clothing to donate to a local charity so that they can either reuse the clothing for the homeless or sell it and use the proceeds to help them."

There is also a school Thanksgiving drive, where students can bring in non-perishables. The homeroom that brings in the most donations wins an ice cream party.


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