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Eldercare or Daycare

Tuesday’s Homecoming theme was for the ages, as the hallways of Hackett Catholic Prep were flooded with timeless spirit.

Following Monday’s glamorous “Barbie” theme, Tuesday had students dress as “Young or Old”. Some students found this theme challenging, while others completed their look with a onesie or cane. The senior class did an astonishing job of showing their school spirit today. Many classmates sprayed their hair a light gray transforming themselves into senior citizens for the day, and completed the theme with an exceptional outfit.

Besides gray hair, students wore glasses, slippers, and sweaters. Most clothing worn stuck to a strong color pallet of neutrals and browns, that really embraced the vintage style. Multiple “elders” were seen speeding down the halls on walkers or wheelchairs. Senior Alyse Baughman brought in a wheelchair, and often had her friends push her around. Students got into character by even mastering an old person’s walk. The hallways were blasting oldies music to add a tasteful cheer of previous generations.

Not all students had their grandparents' clothing or accessories lying around and instead chose to travel back in time to their childhood days. Most “Young'' outfits consisted of pajamas or mismatched clothing with shades of light pink or baby blue. Many students wore clothing and accessories from children's TV shows or movies, and some even brought stuffed animals. This Spirit Week theme was a classic time warp that is only celebrated once every few years. Students enjoyed stepping into their old (or future) shoes, and we’re grateful no one showed up in Pampers or Depends.

On Wednesday, students are asked to dress for Mass. Previous students recognize this theme since it’s a standard option on a day of reverence. On this day, students get to dress nicely. Usually, girls wear appropriate dresses or skirts, while guys wear khakis and a dress shirt. If you’re not sure what to wear, it’s best to dress as you would at Church.


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