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Empathy and Understanding: Manny Gonzalez's Impactful Talk

The Manny Gonzalez talk at Hackett Catholic Prep on February 2nd left an impression on Hackett students. 

Manny Gonzalez is a Catholic speaker and a formerly active member of the LGBTQ community. He uses this unique perspective to relate to people nowadays who have questions about the Catholic Church's view on homosexuality. 

Gonzalez told his story in the Hackett auditorium to an audience of attentive students and staff. After telling his story, students were able to ask questions regarding his sexuality and how he combats lust in a world that promotes it. 

Despite this being a controversial subject, students received the message well. Junior Brooks Basler said, “I was skeptical when I heard about the subject, but his unique perspective was interesting.” Gonzalez’s talk was not just aimed at members of the LGBTQ community; he compared the sins of homosexuality as being similar to the sins that everyone commits daily. Senior James Reasoner said, “There was something for everyone in the talk.” 

The Manny Gonzalez talk left impressions and taught lessons that the students will use for years to come.


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