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Energy or Hydration ?

Walking along the hallway there are more and more students holding white Celsius cans in the mornings. Celsius is a growing energy drink company established in 2004 and has become more popular among athletes and students in recent years. The popularity of these drinks stems from the brand's marketing of natural caffeine as opposed to artificial stimulants making it look “better for you than other energy drinks”. This raises the question: are these popular drinks good for you?

These energy drinks contain 200 mg of caffeine in a can which is half of the 400 mg daily limit for healthy adults recommended by the FDA. For teenagers, however, there are more immediate side effects associated with caffeine intake such as insomnia, nervousness, and nausea. In the long run, there are several more dangerous side effects of consistent caffeine consumption. These include heart conditions, loss of calcium in the body, and mental health due to lack of strength.

These dangerous side effects don't necessarily come from caffeine alone but from using it as a replacement for water or other hydrating beverages. Though caffeine can be beneficial for a quick energy and mood boost, hydration is overall more important for students and athletes. Water is necessary to balance the effects of these energy drinks by managing a normal body temperature and giving joints and muscles the best environment possible to reach athletes' fullest potential.

The positive marketing of these drinks affects many Hackett students as well, "it's just like water with vitamins and antioxidants, and the caffeine is natural so it's healthy” an anonymous Hackett student said in response to asking about what they were drinking. While these drinks are fine in moderation, these “sparkling-water-like" beverages are, in some cases, drank in place of water, leading to dehydration and headaches throughout the day. 

 Another freshman girl who wanted to remain anonymous also said “I drink a Celsius each morning and sip on them throughout the day.”

Overall, there is no problem with a boost of energy every once in a while. however, students should also take advantage of the school water fountains throughout the day to keep hydrated, focused, and healthy throughout the school day. 


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