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Fabulous Free-Verse Feature

Creative writing is a new class offered to students this year, taught by Mr. Rafferty. Recently this class has been working on the art of creating poetry. These students have all put amazing effort into writing, drafting, and editing these poems over the last couple weeks. A senior, John Tran, particularly excelled in writing the following free verse poem in response to the painting “Nighthawks” by Edward Hopper.

Edward Hopper Painting Response Poem

Under the blanket of night,

Lies a dormant street.

That was once bustling,

But not anymore as it dies under the night sky.

Across the street, lies a modest bar.

Humble as a bumblebee.

Bright as a twinkle star.

As it glows radiantly, inside of the lonely streets.

Enter inside the bar, cozy as it could ever be.

Few people there are.

Lies only silence.

Only answered by the distant stares.

Couple of past looks at me with grains of sadness,

As the bartender attempts to cheer them on.

The man in the bowl hat gave me the deathly stare,

As I plot down and cheerfully await my binge of drinks.


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