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Fortnite: Where We Droppin?

By: Noah Matson, Christian Willis

Summer 2018, a time before COVID, stress, and worries.  Fortnite was quickly taking the world by storm.  It was a generational sensation, and quickly solidified itself in pop-culture with its fun gameplay, live events, and most importantly, its map.  

With the newest season dubbed “Season OG,” players have the opportunity to travel back in time to play on the old map. The map also changes with the past Fortnite seasons, starting with season 5 all the way to season 10. The nostalgia trip is definitely working, as Fortnite hit its newest all-time peak of over 5 million concurrent players.

Many students at Hackett are passionate about Fortnite, often playing with their friends. This new season gives them the opportunity to reminisce about what the game and life was like back then.  

 “With this new season it has brought back many memories from the past that I share with many friends,” says Senior Gabe Oeurn. 

Season OG runs from now until December 2nd. Be sure to “squad up” with your friends before it’s too late!


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