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From Seniors to Spies

Welcome to Hackett Senior Assassins, where you can spray your friends with no repercussions. An action packed, and mysterious game, filled with betrayal and backstabbing. 

Senior assassins is a game that has taken over schools across America by storm the past few years, and Hackett is hopping on the trend.

The game rules are as follows, (note that they differ between schools). Each contender is tasked with eliminating the target that is randomly assigned to them (via an app). The assassin must spray their target with a water gun and capture each elimination on video. Each assassin is given the location of their target at all times, but must keep in mind that they are also being tracked and hunted by the student who is tasked with eliminating them. “It's creepy knowing that someone knows where I am at all times, but I love the fact that I truly do feel like a spy,” Sean Pierucci. 

To stay in the game the student must eliminate their target within one week, as well as not evading elimination themselves. Once they have eliminated their target they are assigned to the person that their previous target had. “So my target was Gabe, and Gabe's target was Noah, now that I just eliminated Gabe my new target is Noah” explains Alyse Baughman. 

Now of course there are some boundaries that are set for when and where you are not allowed to eliminate your target. All students are safe inside the school, and before and after school there is a ten minute grace period where no students can get eliminated. This ten minute grace period also applies to any school event such as practices, and games. No road chases are allowed, as well as no breaking into peoples houses. “These rules allow these games to be played in a safe and fair manner” Charles Gordon. 

Having your target's location can lead to some James Bond-esque assassinations. A personal favorite of some seniors was when Eli Backman had just assassinated Cameron Nobis for the first elimination of the game, then he and some friends were talking in the parking lot and one of them, Alex Dugas, asked Eli to look at his water gun. Eli complied and Alex sprayed Eli with his own gun and eliminated him. “I was so confused at first and then upset, the betrayal was unreal,” says Eli Backman. 

As of today there are six contestants remaining out of the original twenty-seven. “I have faith that I am going to bring home the trophy, nobody can stop me,” says Alex Dugas. 


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