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Girl’s Soccer Kick-off: Breaking and Bonding

Last Saturday, March 16, the girl’s soccer team got together for a team bonding day with good food and exercise.

The girl’s soccer season kicked off on March 11, and has already experienced many difficulties. Many players are recovering from previous injuries, making it very difficult for them to have a productive practice, if they are able at all.

Thursday, March 14th, was the girl’s first scrimmage of the year which was against Visckburg  At first, the Irish struggled to find their team rhythm for this new season. However, the girls got it together at the end of the first half to come out with a victory over Vicksburg 1-0, but the victory came at a cost.

In the last few minutes of the game, Senior and goalie, Lexi Wild, bravely went for the save after a Vicksburg player attempted to shoot the ball. The attempt caused a collision between Lexi, the Vicksburg player, and the ball. Although the save was successful, Lexi was injured in the collision, and unfortunately fractured her arm. 

It is unclear if Lexi will be able to return to the game, but her team is hoping for the best.  

The following Saturday, the soccer girls decided to dedicate the day to team bonding! 

The girls started bright and early with a morning yoga class. Junior, Addie Smucker, described the experience as being very zen, but also exhausting after the exercise. 

To physically recover after unfamiliar yoga stretches and movements, the girls and the coaches went to Colonial Kitchen for team brunch. The brunch was another great opportunity for the girls to bond and get to know each other outside of soccer. 

The team found the team bonding day very fun and useful. New relationships between the team provides a more positive environment that makes soccer much more enjoyable. The girls hope the bonding will strengthen the team on and off the field.


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