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Going For the Kill

The Lawton Girls Volleyball team came to Hackett on September 12, expecting to pull out an easy win after beating the Hackett Girls Varsity Volleyball team last year 3-0. However the Hackett team went head to head in a close matchup, giving the Lawton team a run for their money, beating them 3-1.

These two teams went back and forth in a close game with Hackett beating Lawton in the first two sets. However, Lawton made a comeback and managed to beat Hackett in the third set with a score of 25-23. In the end, the Hackett volleyball team shut down Lawton’s hopes of winning and defeated the Blue Devils 25-19.

Overall Hackett had 20 aces and 19 kills, with senior and captain, Alyse Baughman, leading the Volleyball team in kills with a total of 9 throughout the night. “I think we played a lot better, our line up change I think helped a lot with the fluidity of the team,” Alyse Baughman commented when asked about her thoughts on the game.

Will the Hackett Girls Volleyball team continue to be successful throughout the season? Come to the game against Kalamazoo Christian on Tuesday, September 19, located at Kalamazoo Christian, and find out!


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