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Hackett, Hackett, Don't Be Shy, Let Us Hear Your Battle Cry!

Loud crowds and big-time upsets, school spirit is essential for a team's winning spirit, it creates an overall great environment.

Hackett is one of the many schools that prides itself on having an undying school spirit. Having this “undying spirit” is something that all schools want, but only some have. A good way to achieve this “spirit” is with good sports teams, and at Hackett, it's rare to find a team that isn't terrorizing their division. 

Hackett has recently been named #7 out of all high schools for athletes in Michigan. ( This reward created a sense of pride in the school community and the spirit at Hackett is at an all-time high. “At basketball games, I love hearing the crowd roar as I dunk, and have chants echo throughout the game.” said senior Andrew Rann


“When attending Hackett events it is so much better to see school spirit than to see a dry crowd”- explains Junior Gavin St Martin. While there may be some sports that it would be nice to see an uptick of the fanbase in such as soccer, baseball, golf… the main sports for each season bring together fans from far and wide.  

So whether it's at school, at an event, or just out in public, show some pride in the school of Hackett Catholic Prep. 


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