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Hackett is open for business

Mark off your calendars for November 16th. Hackett Catholic Prep has an open house during the day for incoming students and in the evening for parents.

Learn about the Hackett experience as a high school student. Incoming students can accompany the student leadership team to some of their classes. During the classes, potential students will engage in “mini-lessons” with teachers to give them an idea of what the teaching environment is like at Hackett. The Current Hackett students will play games to “break the ice”, and teach incoming students about life at Hackett.

Potential students or those on the fence can hear about the school from the people who know the environment best, the students. This introduction day aims to show students the possibility of a different type of education and environment at Hackett.

During the day students will get hands-on experience with high school and the lively environment of Hackett. At night, Parents are invited to come and learn about the things that make Hackett different.

The parents will meet with faculty, the new principal, and some of the school's students. After hearing about what Hackett has to offer, Parents will accompany National Honors Society students around the building on a tour with information and anecdotes about the school they have attended and grown to love.

Incoming and curious students can skip the open house at night with their parents. Potential Students will receive sufficient information during the day, so this open house is intended for parents. However, Students are always welcome to join the parents and learn more about Hackett Catholic Prep.

I hope to see you there

-Keegan Gallagher, Senior



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