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Hackett Lends a Helping Hand

Community service is a core part of Hackett culture, and it will be displayed openly at tomorrow's Serve-a-thon event. Serve-a-thon is an annual Hackett event in which students are put to work bettering the community, and this isn't limited to just the CSGK community.

For example, the seniors are scheduled to go to Mt. Olivet Cemetery to do yard work. The juniors are also helping out around town, with a group scheduled to go to Bickford Assisted Living, where they will spend time with residents, playing games and talking with them.

The underclassmen, for their part, will be helping out around Hackett. Mrs. Gergely, the coordinator of Serve-a-thon, told me, "The freshmen and sophomores classes will be doing some on campus work, which we really are in big need of, but also headed to the Ark."

There are also some smaller projects scheduled, such as painting the athletic shed by the track, which will be headed by senior Alex Dugas in order to fulfill his Eagle Scout service project. Some juniors are also slated to tidy up St. Monica's playground and Mary garden.

The students will not go unrewarded for their hard work, with Mrs. Gergely having told me, "The athletic boosters have surprised us, they will be treating the entire school to a free Chick-fil-a meal.

Furthermore, most students will be dismissed at 11:30, with the exception of Mrs. Marillier's and Mrs. Van Pelt's homerooms, due to the off-site nature of their assigned projects.


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