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Hackett Marches to Success

The Hackett Marching Band performed in their biggest show of the year in Vicksburg on October 10, receiving a rating of 1. Every year, the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association (MSBOA) holds Marching Band Festivals where schools from the district perform in front of 3 judges to receive a rating, the highest being a 1.

This presentation is the Hackett Marching Band’s most important performance of the year. They are judged on three categories: music, marching, and general effect showmanship. The band has fifteen minutes to get on the field, perform, and get off.

For their performance the Marching Band played three songs, “Tio Macaco'' by Snarky Puppy, “Novus” by Santana, and “Malaguena” by Ernesto Lecuona.

The show was a success, with the Marching Band receiving an overall rating of 1, matching the previous year's scores! Senior, Michael Dugas speaks highly of the band saying, “We got the same scores as last year, but I think we performed better, and other people would agree. Although there were some mistakes, the show was strong."

The MSBOA Festival is an impressive start for the 2024 Hackett Marching Band. We should look out for what these talented musicians have coming up next!


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