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Hackett's Magic Kingdom

Hackett’s halls transformed into “The Most Magical Place on Earth” today as students and staff brought Disney/Pixar characters to life.

Many outfits were recreating a Disney character while adding their own twist. Some students used casual clothing, and a few students dressed all out in costumes.

In the sophomore class, many girls wore outfits that were princess-inspired. Elsa was a favorite amongst the students, with many blue outfits, crowns, and of course, the famous single braid to complete the look.

Overall, the most popular accessory worn today was Disney’s iconic Mickey Mouse ears.

However this was a difficult theme for some students, so they showed up in comfortable clothes. This made many costumes hard to decode, but students came up with interesting characters to portray.

Disney’s 100th Anniversary celebration has caused a reappearance of this popular theme in schools. Disney’s Parks are a beloved destination for many family trips, and most likely where many accessories students wore today were bought.

With our spirit week coming to an end, Friday’s theme has students dressing in school spirit. This theme is reoccurring every celebration week.

Some students find every green clothing item or accessory to wear at school, no matter how outrageous the result is. However, it is entirely acceptable to wear a comfortable outfit with an Irish shirt.

Nonetheless, we encourage students to show their Hackett pride tomorrow, especially at the afternoon pep rally.


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