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Handy Mr. Henning

Hackett’s new facilities manager is Bob Henning. He is very knowledgeable and has decades of experience in the state of Michigan. After graduating high school in 1983, Mr. Harrington joined the airforce where he received military training and additional facilities management and maintenance experience. 

In 1985, Mr. Henning started working for Michigan Parks and Recreation In Kalkaska county. He worked on the harbors, starting out as a dock attendant and eventually harbormaster, controlling all harbor operations and enforcing regulations. A big part of his job as dock attendant was facilities maintenance, which he learned on the job. 

I asked Mr. Henning some questions about repairs that have occurred this year. A few weeks ago, the heaters went out and students were allowed to wear jackets in class. The heating system in Hackett incorporates a very outdated central pneumatic control apparatus and the compressor in the boiler room went down, causing a school-wide malfunction of the pneumatic gauges in each classroom. The temperature couldn't be regulated, because of the aging system. Bob had to hire someone who is specially certified for fixing pneumatic heaters. Along with the heaters, the roof repair is being done by a contracting company. 

Bob also shed some light on the filter status. The drinking fountains seem to always have a red light signifying an old filter, but the filter isn’t necessarily the problem. The filters have all been changed. Once changed, the filter light is supposed to go green but they are staying red. In that case, the light is red because of an electrical problem.  One of the fountains has a broken compressor, which increases the pressure and cools the water. Mr. Henning has contacted a maintenance contractor, with more specialized drinking fountain repair experience to resolve the red light problem. 

Welcome Mr. Harrington!


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