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Harmonies of Dedication: The Hackett Band's Journey to Musical Excellence

Preparing for festival and making wonderful music for all, the Hackett band has their winter concert.

The Hackett band has built an amazing culture over the years. Mr. Peter, the highly esteemed band director has built a band that works to perform well at every concert. Senior jazz band member Noah Matson said, “We work hard to ensure we don’t fail the concerts.”

The concert tonight is dubbed the “pre-festival concert.” The band's main focus is performing well at the band festival this year. Senior concert and jazz band member Gabe Oeurn said, “It’s a great opportunity for us to prepare for our festival performance.”

The songs that will be performed tonight are also unique. The concert band will start with Arch of Triumph which is a march, followed by Seeking Solace, and will finish with Halcyon Hearts which is a warm upbeat song. Senior concert and jazz band member Greg Brown said regarding the music selection, “The songs this time act are a stepping stone for more complex music.” This is set to be a great concert tonight.


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