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Haunting the Hallways

Halloween is right around the corner! Halloween is next Tuesday, and Mr. Scoles is allowing Hackett students to

dress up at school to celebrate the holiday. While

he wants this to be a fun day for everyone, he has set some guidelines he would like everyone to follow.

Rule number one is that you must keep your face visible at all times so teachers can identify you. This means that masks or anything that fully covers your face is not allowed. Face paint, glasses, hats, etc. are allowed.

Rule number two is that all students must follow the modesty guidelines. This includes no bare shoulders or midriffs.

The final guideline is that all costumes must be kept fun. Avoid any offensive messages or images.

Mr. Scoles wants this to be a fun day for students to dress up and divert away from the normal dress code. So follow the rules, but be creative and enjoy Halloween!


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