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Heart of Chicago - Loyola

Loyola University Chicago is a small community in a big city that instantly makes an impression from the moment you arrive on campus. The remarkable view from the lakefront campus and the endless sights within the city showcase the beauty of an urban campus.

Loyola is a Jesuit university connecting God within their academics and student life. Their famous campus ministry programs help students grow personally, academically, and spiritually. 

The university offers 80+ major and minor programs but is known for its nursing, psychology, biology, and business classes. James Reasoner, a Hackett senior, is interested in their, “strong business program that will prepare me for the future.” 

Loyola had an enrollment of over 16,000 in the 2023 school year. The school has a desirable student-to-faculty ratio of 14:1. The school makes sure all students are supported academically and financially.

Every year, most students are eligible for scholarships and grants. Overall, ninety-five percent of students receive financial assistance. Keegan Gallagher and James Reasoner were both granted large merit scholarships.

Loyola is home to 11 varsity teams, most of which compete in NCAA Division I. If students aren’t interested in sports, they can find a community within over 170 student-run clubs and organizations. When Keegan applied to Loyola he was impressed with the, “abroad opportunities, financial aid, pretty campus in Chicago, smaller school, and great computer science program.”

All students have the opportunity to study abroad, in fact, over thirty percent of students do so. Being in Chicago allows students to explore the world at their fingertips. Whether it be traveling to a new state or a new country, Loyola offers resources to seek new adventures.


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