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Homecoming Dance

Hackett will be hosting their homecoming dance this Saturday from 8:00-11:00 PM in the courtyard. There will be a DJ, a dance floor, and refreshments. The DJ will be the same one from last year, and like last year, you will be able to make song requests.

Tickets are $15.00. You can buy them at the door when you get there. The entrance is at the cafeteria by the office. After nine o’clock, you won’t be allowed entry and if you leave you can’t come back in.

If you want to bring a guest you must complete a guest form that you, your guest, and both your and your guest’s parents have to sign. These forms need to be turned in by Thursday, September 28th. At the door, all Hackett students and guests must have a student ID with them and show it before they are granted entry.

Each Hackett student is responsible for their guest’s behavior. Make sure to follow all the rules and don’t cause problems. Get dressed up, dance with your friends, and have fun!


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