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Ice Cream, Mass, and Meaningful Conversations

Catholic Schools Week is once again upon us in the Catholic Schools of Greater Kalamazoo, a time where we can come together and be thankful for the opportunities God has afforded us all. This week will be packed with all sorts of fun activities to deepen students' faith and foster school spirit. 

Monday kicked off the week with a presentation shown to students in their homerooms meant to cultivate the virtue of prudence. Homeroom teachers gave students an inspiring presentation, reinforcing the benefits of thinking before they act.

Tuesday features slightly shortened classes - 48 minute periods - in exchange for an ice cream bar during lunch time. From students to administration, everyone is excited for ice cream! Principal Scoles said “I'm looking forward to dishing up some ice cream for all the students at lunch on Tuesday!” 

While Wednesday is a normal school day, Thursday will feature shortened classes and our traditional All Schools Mass. Hackett students will walk down to Saint Monica's Church to celebrate mass alongside Saint Augustine and Saint Monica's students. Mass will be administered by Bishop Lohse, a privilege that Principal Scoles is looking forward to.

“I'm really looking forward to celebrating mass with Bishop Lohse on Thursday. I've had the pleasure of meeting him and hearing him speak a few times and I think the students will be really impressed.”

Friday will end off our Catholic Schools week with a presentation from Manny Gonzalez - "What a Beautiful Cross: Journeying as a Faithful Disciple with an LGBT+ Experience". While Catholic teachings often focus on less tangible and practical skills, this presentation will focus on issues which are very relevant to teenagers in the modern world. Students will have an opportunity to have their questions answered in a Q&A session. Look forwards to an article on The Clover published later this week featuring even more information on the presentation. Parents are invited to attend!  

Coming out of Catholic Schools Week, the administration is excited for students to have a newfound respect for what goes into their education 

“It's so easy with our schedules to become hyper-focused on ourselves and what we have to accomplish... My hope is that we all take a few moments this week to remember all the different people that make Catholic education possible.” said Principal Scoles.

This week is going to be a blast!


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