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Irish Cross Country Runs Through the Finish

This Saturday, November 4th, both Hacketts boys and girls cross country teams ran at the state meet at Michigan International Speedway.

At the state meet, all the Division 4 top runners compete for the podium. Placing in regionals can take you to states individually, or a team placing top 3 at regionals can take the entire varsity team to states. Hacketts girls and boys team both placed top 3 at regionals.

At the state meet the boys team excelled and placed 3rd in the state for division 4. Gavin Sehy says “third as a team is incredible because although I don't care about projections, we were projected to be 8th in the state”. The boys all ran such great races that they placed 5 places higher than projected. In addition to the boys placing 3rd as a team, Marek Butkiewicz placed 6th individually, and Gavin Sehy placed 8th. Both of these boys had a personal record in this race to end their season strongly, as well as a majority of the boys team achieving PRs on the tough state course.

The girls team placed 23rd, but had a few sick members who ran anyways, showing great perseverance and dedication. “I felt good, but sick” Abby Ulbrich says. “I'm sad another season is over”.

Irish cross country has shown once again that they are a powerhouse in their field, always fighting to overcome.


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