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Irish Roomba

This weekend was a whirlwind for the the Irish robotics team, but they came home with a banner!

Robotics competitions are set up as a series of several qualifier rounds, where six teams compete in two alliances of three. This year, the competition consisted of speeding across the field to pick up foam rings and store them either in a slot in the wall or a slot high up in an overhang. Throughout the qualifiers, teams earn ranking points which decide their rankings going into the playoffs. 

At the end of Friday, Irish robotics was in a modest 22nd out of 40 competing teams, and left hoping for better luck with their alliances on their next day. Alliances are assigned at random in the qualifier rounds, and the team would encounter some unfortunate luck with their assignments. Unfortunately, their fortunes would not turn on that Saturday.

Saturday brought more losses for your very own team 7256. By the time qualifiers ended and the playoffs began, the Irish were in 35th place, coming off of four straight Ls.

At the end of qualifiers, the top 8 teams become alliance captains and can go through and select two other bots to be their partners for the playoffs.

Hopes were not high for the team to be selected, but against all odds, team 3538, the RoboJackets out of Auburn Hills, chose to ally themselves with Irish Robotics for the sake of their consistent ability to score in the Amp. 

Just like that, Irish Robotics had been given a second chance at success, allied with the RoboJackets and the Impi Warriors. The RoboJackets became close allies with the team, playing an instrumental role in getting Jeffry, the Irish bot, back into fighting condition.

Through superb driving from their driver Sean Pierucci, the Irish and their allies were able to pull out five dramatic straight wins in the finals. Throughout the games, the Irish had to adapt their strategy, from being an offensive scoring bot, to playing a defensive game of blocking, spinning, and slowing down the opposing team. 

After two long days, the team emerged as champions, holding their banner high!

This scrappy team of seven will continue to states in a few weeks, competing against teams with dozens of engineers and budgets dwarfing Hackett’s. With any luck, our team can come back victorious!


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