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Irish Spotlight: Athlete of the Week-James Whiting

James Whiting nets three bangers in the Irish boys soccer win over Schoolcraft!

James Whitings skills both on and off the ball are part of what makes him such a great player, “my work ethic, my speed I’m just faster than everybody… I'm very competitive, always want to win”. As with any sport this certain set of skills are usually what sets stars apart from the normal player and it's no different with James.

In last week's matchup versus Schoolcraft, Whiting scored three goals and had an assist. When asked his thoughts on the game, Whiting shared that even though they won the team underperformed against the “not so great team”. This certain mindset proves that it isn't all about winning. At the end of the day, it's about how well the team can play together and playing well together even against mediocre opponents is what's going to get the team ready for a deep run in the playoffs.

Following such a successful season last year with the team finishing in the regional semifinals and Whiting himself earning multiple awards as a player. One might think it would be hard to beat, but not Whiting who shares what he thinks him and the team are capable of, “I want to be first team all state this year, and I want to win a state championship”.

With so much success in his highschool career and only more to come, college soccer for Whiting is proving to be not a dream but a reality. “I'm trying to play college soccer… and get a degree while doing so.”

Captain for two years now and team leader for three, James Whiting continues to stamp his success in Hackett Soccer’s Legacy.


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