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Jazz: an American and Hackett Tradition

Jazz Band is a great way for band members to expand their musical repertoire and learn about how jazz and swing style music came to be a staple of American culture.

The Hackett Jazz Band is an extracurricular group that practices two days a week after school. Students in the Jazz Band will have to audition for a spot and must currently be enrolled in the Concert Band.

Students in Jazz Band have the opportunity to play in a smaller band setting with instruments that aren't in the concert band class, including piano, bass, and guitar. Along with exposure to new instruments there are more advanced music parts like solos and swing.

One of the Hackett band’s biggest performances of the year is in partnership with the Michigan State University Jazz Band in a side by side concert. Before the concert, the MSU band director and students hold a clinic with Hackett’s Band and give tips on how to improve their pieces.

Jazz professional Adrian Mears and the MSU jazz band performing at last year's side by side concert. Mears is sitting on the stage performing a solo with his didgeridoo.

The side by side concert is a very big deal. MSU could choose to bring their talent and knowledge to any high school but they choose to continue returning to Hackett. Even if a person is not into jazz, this is a great chance to hear professional level music for a great price.

Within the coming weeks, Marching Band season will be finishing up. Jazz Band auditions are going on this week and rehearsals will begin soon. If you want to expand your music taste and hear some quality jazz, come to a concert!


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