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Join The Club- Hackett Clubs are Back in Session for the 2023-24 School Year

Do you need something to do in your free time? Are you looking to have a good experience with your friends? Join a club! Hackett is in full swing and clubs are beginning to start as well. They are all looking for new members for this upcoming year. Hackett offers a plethora of clubs such as Respect Life Club, Earth Club, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Entrepreneurship Club, Debate Club, and many more.

Respect Life club is one of Hackett’s most popular clubs. Their mission is to help inform the Hackett community and others about the importance of respecting unborn life and the value that life holds. They participate in events such as the March for Life in Washington D.C. to help raise awareness, as well as weekly prayer meetings to help strengthen their faith. In addition to a strong faith-based mission, “Respect Life Club is very successful in creating a close community,” says senior member, Christian Willis. When asked what he would tell to new members, Willis said, “It's a good community that pushes you towards a stronger faith life.” Anyone interested in joining Respect Life Club can contact Ms. Gergely for more information.

Spanish Club is also starting up for the new school year. Mr. Voege restarted the club his first year back at Hackett and has been a hit ever since. The club partakes in different activities to learn about the Spanish culture through food, music, games, dancing, and more. To all possible future members, Mr Voege says, “Be ready to have fun and participate”. If you need something to do this year, consider a club. For upperclassmen, they’ll look great on your college applications. It's a great experience and a lot of fun.


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