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At the end of my junior year, I was looking to take some easier classes, and so, for my English credit, I chose to take Publications. Instead of the easy-A I was expecting, I found an incredibly unique community where creative muscles are flexed differently than most other classes.

While a Literature class with no tests and few reading assignments seems like a breeze, Publications/Journalism has taught us how to write and produce a variety of projects. There is room for many different types of people in Publications, from creative and design opportunities working on the yearbook to literary editing in Synthesis, and finally, journalistic opportunities writing news or feature stories on The Clover.

The Clover is a unique blend of moderation, writing, and editing. The whole of was created entirely by students, from the web design to programming to writing everything on the site. The outsized control students have over the program means we have to take on a wide range of responsibilities, creating graphics, analyzing which articles perform well, and coming up with new and creative ideas. 

Making the yearbook the responsibility of students in Publications has led to a result that everyone on the team is very proud of. Where before, the yearbook was often scraped together by just a couple of dedicated editors; now we have a whole year of pictures gathered by students assigned to specific sports. This creative project has given students the opportunity to work in a large team and coordinate around deadlines. 

Synthesis has allowed our team to be exposed to the absolute best literary works that Hackett students have to give. Editor of literary magazine Synthesis, Lillian Davis, “I have learned a lot about my fellow Hackett students through their submissions to the arts journal. We have incredibly confident students, and this is how we showcase their talent. Public schools have this, universities have this, and Synthesis is the vehicle for us to give our students their proper recognition.”

Our job as the Production team is to keep up with the happenings of the Hackett Community. Our team is quite different from any ordinary high school newspaper club; the things we produce are recent and relevant. We work to promote the happenings of our school and our community with the hopes that this will lead to a more vibrant and involved school. We have been blessed with an institution full of talented young writers who deserve to be read, and we hope that you will join us next year on our mission of chronicling it all!


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