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Julian Barry and Zero Sun: A Debut Concert

Julian Barry has been playing the electric bass in a band setting since his freshman year at Hackett, starting in the HCP Jazz Band. In his sophomore year, Julian joined Cerulean Fish, an indie/alternative rock band with four other musicians: lead vocalist Keegan Gallagher, pianist Michael Dugas, drummer Alex Dugas, and guitarist Blake Lennon. They have had three performances where they covered popular songs from bands like Arctic Monkeys, Steve Lacy, Stone Temple Pilots, and The Smashing Pumpkins. 

This year Julian joined another band, Zero Sun. Last Friday the band had their first performance at the Clover Room in downtown Kalamazoo. They were accompanied by another local band “Gemini Moon”. Zero Sun played two of their own original songs along with other popular songs from bands like Radiohead and Alice in Chains, with a focus on acoustic pieces like “Nutshell” and “No Surprises.” 

The Clover Room where Zero Sun performed is a very unique venue on the East side of Kalamazoo. It is one of 23 studio spaces in three historic industrial buildings in the Edison neighborhood. One of the buildings was constructed in 1889 as a Ford Buggy Company manufacturing site. Another building was very fittingly used to manufacture copper tone rings for original Gibson Banjos.

Zero Sun has released an original song called “Alien” which currently has 8,000 streams. They are going to record a second song within the coming weeks. Make sure to check it out!


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