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Jump Ahead With Dual Enrollment

A.P. classes may be all the rage, but there is a second (maybe better) way to attain college credit. While Hackett provides a multitude of A.P. courses, a Kalamazoo Valley Community College accounting class is also available to upperclassmen. The accounting class has several advantages over A.P. courses, such as not relying on a single exam to determine if a student will receive college credit. The accounting class is more typically structured, with semester grades affecting the final outcome of a student's eligibility for college credit. Students in the accounting class receive three credits if they pass the first semester, while the second semester does not provide college credit. Ms. Hayes, who teaches at KVCC, is the instructor for the class.

Student Jack Finley says “It’s been a good class, it’s kind of hard to transition from a high school class to a college class, there’s a lot more work.” The increase in work is a reflection of Hackett's aim to prepare students for college and beyond. By giving students a better chance to earn college credit than A.P. courses, students are better prepared for the increased workload found at college.

For those hoping to dual enroll in the future, the process is very simple. Enrolling in accounting is very similar to enrolling in a normal class, although students are required to have taken the SAT or an equivalent test. From then on, for one period a day, that student will be attending KVCC. Mrs. Ulbrich had this to say, "Hackett has no control over it…everything goes through the college (grades, tests, etc. is dependent on KVCC." Furthermore, students need not worry about financing. “Dual enrollment is covered, no one has to pay," said Mrs. Ulbrich.

For students who aren't interested in accounting, there are other opportunities. “Students have the option of taking online dual enrollment classes…I create a study hall for them, and that hour is focused on that online class.” Mrs. Ulbrich told us. Through this method, students can take classes such as sociology, political science, and business, all the while earning real college credit. These classes are one semester, allowing students to take two different classes each year.

Dual enrollment could be the option for you. A way to earn college credits without having to pay for A.P. tests. And Hackett plans to expand their dual enrollment, with Mrs. Ulbrich saying, “Further discussions with KVCC are in the works, and the hope is to bring more on-campus dual enrollment to Hackett.” Keep an eye out for new college classes next year.


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