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Juniors' Journey in Faith

This past Tuesday, October 24th, the juniors boys went on their yearly retreat. They went to Sacred Heart Seminary and the Shrine of Solanus Casey, both of which are located in Detroit, Michigan.

At the seminary, they were given a tour and went to mass. They also received an in depth look at the lives and daily routines of the seminarians. “It was very interesting seeing firsthand the lives of people wanting to become priests”, said junior Gavin St. Martin.

They then traveled to the Shrine of Solanus Casey, where they learned about his life and heard about his history. They were also able to pray in front of his coffin. Junior Andrew Ogrin described the experience as “very eye opening”.

They were joined on the retreat by newly elected Bishop Edward Lohse. They were able to grow closer to God with the newest member of our diocese. Julian Barry described the overall experience as “A great bonding experience with my friends and it helped me connect deepen with my faith”


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