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Leaving an Impact: Hcp Blood Drive

"Donate Blood and Save a life!" is this year's slogan at the Hackett blood drive. On Thursday, February 9th, Hackett Catholic Prep opened its doors to the public and students for the opportunity to donate blood and even claim a 20-dollar Amazon gift card!

Students, parents, and friends came to Hackett to help those in great need and give some blood. Many donors feel like they leave an impact after donating and are proud of what they did. “When I give my blood I am not only sacrificing the extra blood that I don't need, I am healing people and giving them life,” said senior Gabe Ouern. 

In total, 20 blood units were collected from the drive, with 18 whole blood donations, and two power red donations.

 Thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible, whether by volunteering or donating, your sacrifice is greatly appreciated. 


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